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A Brief History Of Jagoff Sports

Updated: May 29, 2020

Hey guys. My blog today is going to be a little different than usual. I'm gonna talk to ya like I'm reaching out to each of you individually. First and foremost thank you for stickin' around and rockin' with us through this slow period. I hope you and your families are staying safe in this unprecedented time of quarantine. That being said, let's get to it.

Very few of you are familiar with how this whole shit show started. You see the eloquent blogs and content that are put forward now, but you didn't get the chance to see our fails starting out.

Ev and I started the More About Nothing podcast with no dynamic besides "lets drink beers and talk about everything." We did that to a fucking T, but we didn't do it well. Our first 4-5 episodes of MANpod we didn't do anything but get used to being in front of a mic and shoot the shit with each other like it was high school all over again.

Here's one of our episodes from those days where Evan tells the story of having his heart broken in first grade:

We polished our pod the way we wanted to with a very small audience. But we trucked through 4 more episodes of More About Nothing because we knew we wanted to perfect the craft and get a laugh from at least one person.

Everyone has those awesome stories with your buddies that you worked with, went to college with, stayed in touch from high school with, that your story drinking on the back porch with your friend for life was always a hearty laugh.  That was our plan.

Then SportsCastr happened. After a very long hiatus of not being able to record, real life getting in the way, and a discouraging aspect to our original podcast we found a way to make time to talk about the one thing we love and know - Steelers football. Yes, we were also featured very shortly on CNBC as you can see in the image above.

SportsCastr gave us the chance to revamp our podcast in a way we never originally thought we could.  We got to (essentially) do a live radio show, drink a 30 rack between the two of us and call the game like true yinzers do. 

We aren't the most knowledgeable when it comes to names and numbers. In fact, it's a running trope that we just call every white tight end Todd Heap, and anyone that's number 22 Duce Staley. We aren't the best at keeping on screen content going, but I'll tell you want - we are the best at drinking beers and talking the way North Shore dads do.

So after us taking another shot doing content, Evan took the leap of faith to start what you see now. Jagoff Sports was built the same way this city was built - on an idea that hard work and a little luck would catapult us into the social media scene.

Some could say we're very much like Iron Mike because our DNA is Iron City and mics – get it?

We started this idea with a two mics and an idea. We took the idea to a plan. Then plan got fucked and SportsCastr happened. Now as a sports blog we are fighting our way through the mud to stay relevant, and SportsCastr strikes again.

Evan and myself will be streaming Sunday Madden '20 simulations the same way we did old games. We are committed to bringing that same energy during Ravens week last season during this time. Put your fuckin' boots on because we're gonna knock em off starting this weekend. No sports means you get to listen to your favorite Jags chugging beers and talkin' shit – same as always.

A special shout out to Gab, Thom, Abe, and Eli who have since been furthering this brand in such a special way. We are going to be here. We are going to be spewing bullshit, and we are going to keep being the glue that holds Yinzer Nation together in these tough times.

We have a HUGE inaugural stream for Madden '20 season coming up 4/12 4:30PM. Tell your friends. Drink beers with us. We do it for you guys and aside from getting to drink beers with one of my best friends in life, I get to drink beers with you guys and shoot the shit with jagoffs across the country.

Be safe. Stay Safe. See you guys Sunday.

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