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An Argument To Make The Baseball Season Shorter

Updated: May 29, 2020

*This post comes with a trigger warning*

I know what you're thinking: having less games will mean less opportunities that you'll have to deep throat $10 hot dogs while balls are flying at your face. Shame. Now before y’all freak out, this might be hard to believe, but I am not Rob Manfred so chill out.

I'm not saying this should happen because there is no way in hell it ever will. I would just like to share some fan benefits, and no I am not talking about the physical aspect of the game, because any change at all will cause a f*cking boomer quake, and we have already had enough disasters this year.

You’re probably saying, this is how the game has always been played but damn y’all sound like you're talking about the declaration of independence.

FACT: Since the 70’s the 5 lowest watched world series have been within the last 8 years YIKES.

Do any of y’all really watch all 162 games? Are you really watching every Tuesday game played at 1 pm?  I do not think so, but if you are, that is kinda crazy, and I wish I had that kind of time.

On the other hand, I bet even you casual fans are watching all of your team's NFL games and every other prime time game in between. Even in the NFL, the worst teams get some spotlight because EACH GAME MEANS MORE. Just look at my Cleveland Browns.

So what would be cool would be a 40 - 50 game season (MAYBE EVEN LESS) with double header type deal, once a week similar to the NFL. Before you even talk about low scoring, soccer (the MOST POPULAR SPORT IN THE WORLD) ends games with 1-0 score all the time.

Sometimes we attend games and our favorite players are resting. Or if the away team has someone like Bryce Harper, a man who draws a crowd, everyone wants to see him on the field no matter who they are playing or where. With less games, you'll get to see only the best players, and the highest competition. 

Less games mean less chances for your heart to be broken by shitty teams. The feeling that you have during opening day is a lot different than the feeling that you have in August when your team is on a ten game losing streak and the tickets are selling for two bucks.

Just ask Pirates fans, they know the process. At least with less games, you think you have more of a chance!!

I go to a baseball games and think my team could lose, but maybe we can win next time. That is really whack. I go to a football game and want to start throwing hands as soon as the other team scores six. HELL even BASKETBALL season is more entertaining (but also should be shortened) Imagine attending a baseball game with a playoff type atmosphere, every single time?! Beer chugging, emotions running, and balls flying around everywhere.  

Less games leave less margin for error. A quarterback could throw a pick-six and it costs you a season but your pitcher can go out multiple nights and get dicked to lake eerie and it's okay because we all mess up and it happens. One bad streak = one pick six. 

If games were once a week, specifically on weekends, we could ummm hello…. TAILGATE PEOPLE!!!!! holy crow that one is self explanatory. I am tired of you golf clapping assholes at the baseball games, we need more drama and excitement. Imagine a dizzy bat and bat flips in a fan filled the parking lot on a Saturday afternoon? Sounds fun to me. One more reason to booze and who is complaining about that?

Lastly since you're still here we should also juice the balls, allow steroids, and let Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame while we're at it.

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