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Are People Serious With the Amount of Meat They Eat Off a Chicken Wing?

Updated: May 29, 2020

I was minding my own business, and surfing the interwebs when this image stopped me dead in my tracks. Are you people stupid? As if the price of wing night hasn’t been going through the roof since 2003, we’ve got people that actually categorize themselves in group #1. What is the excuse for this? You ordered chicken wings and forgot that you’re allergic to chicken wings?

Source: Genuine scientific research done in the Pittsburgh area

There’s no excuse for leaving that much meat on the bone. I don’t care if the sauce was scooped out of the toilet, you can’t do that to a chicken wing. People like you are the reason we have Leonardo DiCaprio flying to Paris twice a month to save the environment. There’s whole Netflix documentaries dedicated to vegetarian diets now because of this behavior.

I’m not asking you to choke on the chicken bone, but holy shit. If you’re that picky about wings, then don’t fucking order them.

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