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Being a Pittsburgher (From Beaver County)

Updated: May 29, 2020

If you’re from Western Pennsylvania and someone from out of state asks you where you’re from, 99.99% of the time you'll tell them you’re from Pittsburgh, even if you’re not actually from the city. The other 0.01% would say Erie, but those people don’t matter.

Pittsburgh is always the right answer in this situation. Now you’ve put some backstory behind yourself. You’re a blue collar guy from a city of deep rooted history and passion. People have an idea of who you are now, and that’s what you live up to. Although you may consider yourself a Pittsburgher— a true Yinzer — deep down you know you're just a small town guy from Beaver County.

When your "accent" comes out, people think it's great, but you know you don't sound anything like someone who’s had a few too many IC Lights after workin' in the steel mill. Hell, all you can say is a few phrases in some decent Pittsburghese: “Yinz goin' dahntahn?” “Them Bucco’s win n’at?” “Aye, gimme an IC Light.” “Mmmm, I love me an Iron.” The accent is something you can pass with, but when it comes to knowing the culture of the 'Burgh you only know some of the main points. Sure, you can spout off Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins facts all the live long day, but you didn’t know there used to be an ABA basketball team that was half decent with a pretty sick logo.

You may have grown up listening to Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa and think you know everything about Pittsburgh’s music scene, but you can’t even name a single song by The Clarks or Donnie Iris. You can sure as hell say “Donnie Iris” in the best Yinzer accent possible, though.

Sure, you may not know everything about Pittsburgh since you grew up 45 minutes north of the city, 35 minutes on a good day, 20 if you speed down 51 and don’t hit a red light (yes, it’s been done), but you love that city as if you were baptized at the convergence of the Three Rivers and not at the hump of the Ohio. You’re a Jagoff like the rest of 'em

And now you’re writing blogs with 'em, too. As for me, I may be a Beaver County guy, but I’m as Yinzer as they come. I can’t wait to write even more content for Jagoff Sports.

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