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Build Your Own Parlay: College Basketball

Updated: May 29, 2020

We are all accustomed to the Build Your Own Bloody Mary Bar. The restaurant supplies the ingredients and assigns you, the 9am alcoholic, to assemble the recipe. It’s a fun exercise in which the brunch spot unloads all the risk to you. If your drink sucks, it's your fault!

I can sign up for this, especially when my college hoops parlay didn't hit last week, and millions of Jagoff Sports fans almost chased me out of the Allegheny River! Below is a list of my confidence picks (not in order) in what is about to be a great slate of action in college hoops today.

Some people like their Bloody Mary spicy, some people put bacon in it, and some people go heavy on the vodka. Do what you want with the following picks, the important thing is that the parlay is special to you:

Texas (+11) @ Texas Tech

Texas is playing well and have more at stake as the Longhorns are closer to the bubble than Tech.

Kansas (-11.5) @ Kansas St.

Hopefully the event staff nailed down the chairs for this one! Emotions will be high, Kansas is on fire, and expect them to pull away 2nd half.

Auburn @ Kentucky (-6.5)

Auburn won the first meeting at home but this Tiger team can really struggle on the road. Coach Cal has his team ready for March, even though it’s Leap Day.

Duke @ Virginia (+3.5)

Another take from Trout where the fish favors the home team on Senior Day.

UNC @ Syracuse (-4)

Boeheim‘s Orange are playing for a tourney bid while UNC players are making plans for what beach town they're going to for spring break.

Trout’s Parlay

  1. Texas +11

  2. Virginia +3.5

  3. Syracuse -4

Enjoy the games fellas!

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