Call Her What?

Updated: May 29, 2020

Alright so don't get me wrong I admire the approach that the CHD girls had. Sex positive, dudes are scumbags, we get it. Personally I was annoyed by their entire dynamic because quite frankly IF IT WERE ME talking about my sexcapdes I'd get hosed off the internet faster than Yuilanoplos or whatever the fuck that idiots name was. But why are we so interested now?

The real answer is we have no sports. Barstool is one of the best brands out and Portnoy made it a point to drag this drama into the 95% of their listeners who have half a brain and involved them in this drama. Now don't get me wrong, I myself have been beyond engaged with this whole shit show but lets be honest - we'd rather watch that Home Depot paint throwing retard fest than this. But, take what ya can get - similar to "hey send me a picture of your butthole" and you get a set of cheeks in a thong. Ya can't hate it but it's not what ya wanted.

Portnoy got ahead of the bullshit here and, for the first time in his career (backed by KFC and Big Cat) took the high road and put out a pod generalizing the feud in a cool calm collected manner which is the first time we've seen him do this - shoutout Corona and Davey Day Trader "up day." Any other employee that comes into work one day a week and bitches about it gets fired not only from Pres but any company fucking ever. Again, we can all agree on this. But the biggest thing here is that Dave was first to act, throwing Alex and Sophia into a spiral of "what the fuck are we gonna do now?" dynamic. Not that anyone cared what these two idiots actually had to say, but they're definitely behind the 8-ball now. So how do the CHD girls respond?

Sofia goes onto Instagram and takes 30 minutes to say "like" 50 times and nothing of substance like the mouth breather that she is. I mean, come on, did anyone ACTUALLY get through her entire IG story without saying "what the fuck is this idiot talking about?"? That part is pretty self explanatory and I'll leave it at that. However, Alex just releases a 35 minute video on YouTube and starts off strong with "let's get to it" after taking 200 seconds to get the fuck to it.

I watched the whole thing and nothing really stuck with me. Dave did it right but getting out in front of the bullshit and these two (CHD girls) are trying to play catch up. It fucking sucks that they're getting shafted after turning down $500K with incentives and losing a best friend that you have to work one day a week with and make single teenage girls feel like they have a shot at playing dudes for money I truly feel terrible for these bafoons.

The stone rocks hard as they say.. and don't walk away from half a milli because a Quagmire look-a-like said so.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend to everyone except Alex and Sofie you dumb fuck LOSERS!