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Cleveland Girl Has To Pay $30k (& Counting) If Big Ben Stays Healthy This Season

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Poor Gabb.... Has clout chasing on Twitter finally caught up to her? Is she ready to open up her wallet and dish out $1 to over 30 thousand Steeler fans?

I'll be serious for a moment. The likelihood of Ben Roethlisberger staying healthy for every single snap the Steelers offense plays this season is slim. Even in his younger years he had a knack for exiting the game with some sort of phantom injury before making a dramatic comeback in the 4th quarter for a game winning drive.

At the ripe old age of 38, and coming off intense elbow surgery, there's a good chance Ben misses at least a series or two somewhere along the way. So I consider this a safe bet for Gabb to make. But what if?

With big time Steeler fan/internet celebs like Joey Mulinaro stoking the flames, her tweet is up over 20 thousand likes and it's not slowing down.

Could this be the final bit of motivation Ben needs to play through hell or high water this season? Imagine if he does play every single snap. Gabb will be shitting herself in week 17, and I'll love every second of it.

My question, will she actually pay up, or will she delete her Twitter?


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