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Fuck it, let’s just say the Pirates won the World Series and get on with it.

Major League Baseball doesn’t know how to get out of its own way. I think we can all agree on that at this point. While there are still talks of having a season, recent reports suggest that players and owners are far from being on the same page. Barring a miracle, such as Jagoff’s own Gabby Goudy taking commissioner’s place (#Gabb4commish) there’s little chance that there will be any semblance of a real season.

With that in mind, by the power vested in me by the Jagoff Sports editorial board, I declare the Pittsburgh Pirates World Series Champions for the 2020 season.

Now some of you are thinking,Thom, you don’t have that power. To those naysayers, I say if the Florida State Senate can declare a #4 ranked basketball team National Champions, an UNDEFEATED Pirates team totally deserves to be World Series Champs. Plus, I am way more qualified to make decisions than the state of Florida.

There is a long history of journalistic pillars of the community deciding who the National Champions were before playoff systems took over in sports and I feel as if in this situation as Pittsburgh’s premiere sports blog we are more than qualified after looking at the roster, and original schedule to make the decision to award the pennant to the Pirates.

So congrats Buccos fans, this was a long time coming.

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