I Think I'm Out On Baseball

The MLB has been struggling for years on how to make their league more appealing, especially to younger fans. Now we don’t even know if they’ll have a season because the owners don’t want to pay their players–you know, the people that actually make them money–and the MLB and MLBPA are in a pissing match about how many god damn games they should play. (At least we all know how many they should play. Thanks, Gabb.)

Aside from the league's recent short comings, the commissioner himself, Robby Manfred, doesn’t even care about the integrity of his own “Commissioner’s Trophy” as he isn’t punishing the Trash Can Clubbers of Houston for blatantly cheating their way to 2 World Series victories.

The state of the MLB is in shambles.

And to top it all off, we have the MLB Draft. For once, it’s actually being held before the season starts like a normal draft. This was my tipping point, though. These players (who, by the way, none of us have ever heard of) are willingly being drafted into this league that is dying slowly every day. And, sure, these first rounders might get sick signing bonuses, but if they can’t play anytime soon I bet you they’ll be on the next plane to South Korea or Japan to play somewhere they’re actually appreciated by the masses and their employers.