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Larry Fitzgerald Wins at Golf, Tony Romo Doesn't

Updated: May 29, 2020

Former Pitt hero and future NFL Hall-of-Famer Larry Fitzgerald won the Pebble Beach Pro Am yesterday, marking the second time in three years that he's walked off the 18th green with hardware. All this while most people are infatuated with Tony Romo for almost not missing the cut every time he joins a tournament.

“[Streelman’s] back must be sore because he carried me,” Fitzgerald told CBS in reference to his playing partner. “He played outstanding."

How modest is Larry Fitz? He's the kind of guy your mom could bring home while she's still married to your dad and you wouldn't even be mad about it.

Larry Fitzgerald, a guy you'd let bone your mom golfing with Tiger Woods, a guy who probably already has.
Larry Fitzgerald, a guy you'd let bone your mom, golfing with Tiger Woods, a guy who probably already has.

Romo on the other hand, is a smug bitch. We were tortured every Sunday this fall, listening to him act like he barely made it to the broadcast booth in time because he was waiting for the field to shake out late in the second round of whatever shit tournament he was playing in. Don't worry Tony, you didn't make the cut.

That's because making the cut on the PGA Tour takes nerves of steel, and winning a golf tournament means you need massive balls. Something we know Romo doesn't have because of his track record for needing the Heimlich Maneuver every time big games were on the line.

I know a couple Dallas Cowboy fans, and I will never understand why they love that guy so much. I know a ton of golf fans, and for some reason he seems to get the same treatment.

The former Cowboys quarterback very well might be the most overrated guy ever. Being a perpetual disappointment on the football field wasn't enough, now he needs to do it on the golf course? No thanks. Even his broadcasting annoys me. He's constantly trying to predict what's going to happen before it happens. How about just shut up and stop making it about yourself?

Obviously Larry Fitzgerald isn't about to retire from the NFL and set the PGA Tour on fire, but I would cheer for him if he did. For some reason people were actually surprised when Romo missed the cut at last year's US Open. Umm.... no shit. Please see my statement above about needing nerves of steel to compete on the PGA Tour.

Enough about Romo, did anyone happen to catch Clint Eastwood's stare down at Pebble Beach this weekend?

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