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Local Wrestling Event Gets Rowdy - The KSWA's 20th Anniversary

Updated: May 29, 2020

I remember heading to the Lawrenceville Moose as a kid and watching the KSWA perform 10 or 15 years ago. Back then, it was still a relatively new wrestling league. This past Saturday, they celebrated their 20th anniversary, and it was a BIG DEAL.

I knew this would be a spectacular chance to get some video work done for Jagoff Sports, so I hopped on the interwebs machine and shot off an email to my primary care physician, who also happens to be a two-time heavyweight champion of the KSWA -- Dr. Devastation.

He pulled some strings and granted Jagoff Sports the opportunity of a lifetime. We were given press passes and the ability to interact with the wrestlers and the crowd as much as possible. Not sure KSWA knew what they were in for.

If you haven't seen the full video yet:

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