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If Matt Canada is Gone, The Clock Starts Ticking For Kenny Pickett

I thought it was a foregone conclusion that Matt Canada wouldn't be the offensive coordinator of the Pittsburgh Steelers for much longer, but who knows? Mike Tomlin seemed to walk back his "Hell Yeah [we're making changes]" statement made after the game on Sunday, instead blaming a lack of physical effort for the team's woes.

"Houston was more physical and played harder than us. That has to change immediately" he said on Tuesday.

It's been almost a year since the bye week last season when Tomlin chose not to fire Canada for whatever reason, and I wouldn't be shocked if they carry on with Canada for the rest of this season as well because "it's the Steelers way".

But this article is not about Matt Canada. This article is about Kenny Pickett, who for the time being, should thank Matt Canada for catching almost all the blame for his own poor performance.

In 17 games Pickett has thrown 11 TDs and 13 INTs, but we're not allowed to look at box scores because "something something Matt Canada," so I'll just use the eye test instead. Pickett is blatantly missing open wideouts, bailing out of the pocket instead of stepping up, and making up his mind on where he's throwing before the ball is snapped.

"It's hard to get a read on Kenny Pickett because of the scheme" and "How can we evaluate anyone in this offense when the play calls are so bad?" – Matt Canada is the excuse tattooed on the lips of Steeler fans who think Pickett's poor decision making and missed throws will magically fix themselves with a new offensive coordinator.

Reality will set in as it always does, but with the current situation at OC it might take until the end of Pickett's contract for Steeler Nation to consider an alternative. Canada's departure will be a re-set – a lengthening of Pickett's leash if you will.

If Canada gets fired at the bye?

"Well we're still stuck with Canada's playbook and scheme. Kenny needs an offseason with the new OC", "The offensive line isn't giving him any time", "The receivers aren't getting any separation."

The excuses have already been made.

If Canada doesn't get fired at the bye? Pickett might get a fucking contract extension.

This organization has a lot of bandaids to rip off, and yet they chose to peel them back slowly and painfully in the name of consistency, and God forbid we risk shaking up the consistency of .500 football.

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