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Jagoff Sports Podcast - Live Every Thursday at 7:30pm

Updated: May 29, 2020

There's probably 60 people trying to jam a new podcast down your throat and we understand how annoying that is. Most of them probably suck, and people out there talking about sports usually aren't funny. But the radio is constantly running ads, and you need something in your life that's less filtered.

The Jagoff Sports Podcast will be different and we promise. First and foremost, the show will stream live every Thursday at 7:00pm exclusively on Sportscastr, where we will take live calls from Yinzers all over the world.

If you miss it live on Thursday night, you can still catch the replay on Sportscastr, or listen to the audio version of the show on your favorite podcast platform.

If you like reading articles here, then you'll enjoy the podcast just as much. This week's show we had a packed house of Jagoff Sports contributors including More About Nothing's Steve and Ev, Pittsburgh's Cleveland Girl Gabb Goudy, and the boys from Trout's Forecast.

On this week's episode the gang covered the following topics:

- Baker Mayfield's Cheesecake Factory Scandal

- XFL Kickoff

- Antonio Brown's Apology To Big Ben

- Big Ben's Beardly Appearance at WVU Basketball Game

- Myles Garrett's Re-Instatement

- Open Calls

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