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Quarantine Time With Terry Pt. 3: The Part That Wasn't Supposed To Happen

Updated: May 29, 2020

This is the third and (hopefully) final article in a series I wrote reviewing the finer products that Terry Bradshaw has given us. See the other articles below:


So when I set out to write a series of Terry Bradshaw themed articles during quarantine, I never thought that Terry Bradshaw himself would provide more fodder for these articles. But here we are.

I'm all out of Bradshaw Bourbon, and Terry is still making bad music. As of a couple days ago, Bradshaw even released a Coronavirus themed song "Quarantine Crazy". It's not good, but it's certainly worth a listen.

With "Quarantine Crazy" Bradshaw takes a much more modern approach to the country music genre compared to his other releases. I could go on about the questionable slant rhymes and the way Terry adds syllables to the lyrics because they don't totally fit the melody, but you're not here for a music theory discussion of the former quarterback's country song, so just take a listen for yourself.

I do have a lot of questions about the production of this. Mostly the thought that Terry's family has had to deal with him singing this song around the house, which indeed might have been what drove them all crazy as is mentioned in the song.

Also, the idea that somewhere in the Bradshaw compound there's a vocal booth or recording studio is really frightening. Now we know not even a pandemic can stop Terry from making terrible records.

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