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Say A Prayer For The Woman Who Assaulted James Harrison's Kid

Updated: May 29, 2020

When you think of people you shouldn't mess with, former Steelers linebacker James Harrison is probably at the top of the list. I'm reminded of the time a friend and I drunkenly snuck into the lower level of Heinz Field to sit in a couple of vacant seats on the 50-yard line.

It was a great view until a group of people claiming to be the family of James Harrison told us we were in their seats. I didn't question them -- I immediately ran away.

Apparently Kaylani Amber Gunning, 25, didn't get the same memo when she climbed through a ball pit at Urban Air adventure park in Altoona and physically assaulted the child of James Harrison. According to the complaint, Gunning told police it “wasn’t her best choice” and she “thought it was funny.”

You know who doesn't think it's funny?

Gunning claims the children were throwing plastic balls at her and another child. To be fair to her, she probably didn't know that it was James Harrison's kid at the time, but holy shit did she make a huge mistake. How could it be worse?

According to WJAC Altoona, Police also say that Gunning reportedly called one of the children "the C word" and they were told that she was "laughing the entire time."

Well, that's how it could be worse.

Harrison is notorious for basically killing guys on the football field, and even against some of the best left tackles in the league he still destroyed quarterbacks on a weekly basis. What kind of protection does this lady have? Strong thoughts and prayers going out to her, but I won't be shocked if she's reported missing in the next couple of days.

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