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Should The Steelers Stop Playing Renegade?

Updated: May 29, 2020

Renegade didn’t work against Josh Allen when the visiting Bills’ quarterback immediately tossed a 40 yard completion to John Brown just seconds after the Styx anthem rocked Heinz Field. Even with Chris Collinsworth praising the raucous crowd energy on national television, Buffalo managed to march down the field and score an eventual game winning touchdown to lock up an AFC wild-card spot and beat the Steelers for the first time since basically ever.

“We played that song over and over again in practice,” Allen said when asked about the moment. “We were able to respond.”

The play has sparked some serious debate amongst Steeler fans over whether or not Renegade should continue to be used in “must-stop” moments for the Steelers’ defensive unit. Mark Kaboly from The Athletic wrote an entire article about it titled “Has ‘Renegade’ finally lost its mojo?”.

Picture of Kaboly.

As if that question isn’t a slap in the face enough to the hard-working, blue-collar yinzers who sacrifice life and limb for the good of this city, Kaboly had the balls to put the entire article behind some some fancy paywall.

Why would we pay to hear your shitty take Mark? While Kaboly writes from inside the walls of his bourgeois citadel high above the Allegheny Mountains, Jagoff Sports would like to re-affirm that we will never put blog articles behind a paywall. We drink Iron City here.

In response to Kaboly and some of the other doubters out there, the boys from More About Nothing had their own take on the Renegade controversy.

Here’s a 1-minute recap video that sums it all up very nicely:

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