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Smash or Pass: Pittsburgh Penguins As Women

Grab yourself a cold Bud Light and strap in for a gender bending adventure. In a realm where the frozen ponds of hockey merge with the enchanting allure of femininity, imagine the Pittsburgh Penguins not just as Pittsburgh's hockey team, but as Pittsburgh's hottest women!

Be honest – would you smash or pass? We promise no one will ever know your dirty little secret...

Ryanna Graves - Defense

Trista Jarry - Goalie

Rihanna Shea - Defense

Perrine Olivier-Joseph - Defense

Chadette Ruhwedel - Defense

Krista Letang - Defense

Erika Karlsson - Defense

Brianna Rust - Right Wing

Andrea O'Connor - Left Wing

Maddie Nieto - Left Wing

Gena Malkin - Center

Jacquelyn Guentzel - Left Wing

Larissa Eller - Center

Jess Carter - Center

Cindy Crosby - Center

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