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Some Jagoff Browns Fan Got a Massive Portrait of The Myles Garrett Incident Tattooed on his Thigh

Updated: May 29, 2020

When you’re a Pittsburgh sports fan there’s a lot of options for epic tattoos to commemorate your love for the home team. Legendary player portraits, a dazzling skyline, actual championship trophies… heck you could get a snapshot of the Immaculate Reception if the tattoo artist is skilled enough to pull it off.

For Cleveland Browns fans though, there are no legendary players. There is no championship trophy, and they don’t have any celebrated game moments. The Cleveland equivalent to the Immaculate Reception is now apparently when Myles Garrett removed the helmet of our backup quarterback and smashed him over the head with it.

For one unnamed Browns fan that moment was impactful enough, in all his years of sports fandom, that he decided to make it a permanent part of his body. I reached out to the artist, Mike Hamill of Dallas Texas, who posted the image of the massive tattoo on his instagram.

“The tattoo took 11 hours,” Hamill explained. “I actually did it for free in hopes that it would get some good publicity.”

It certainly caught my attention right away. One thing is for sure, the actual artistry of the tattoo is masterful. If you take a quick glance through Hamill’s IG timeline it’s obvious that the man has a real talent for tattooing colorful portraits and famous scenes from pop culture. If nothing else can be said of the jagoff who got the tattoo, at least it’s actually good art.

The saddest part about all of this for Cleveland fans is that Pittsburgh doesn’t really give a shit about Mason Rudolph. As a Browns fan, your paramount moment is your best player making himself look like a completely unhinged lunatic just to hit who? Mason Rudolph? No one in Pittsburgh would have remembered his name 2 years from now if not for the Myles Garrett incident.

Instead Rudolph will now forever have a place on the thigh of one fan, and a place inside the head of Browns fan everywhere. Keep it classy Cleveland.

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