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Ten Gift Ideas for People From Pittsburgh

Updated: May 29, 2020

So you waited until mid-December to consider what gift to get the Yinzer in your life? Bad move. It’s a well known fact that people from Pittsburgh have extremely sharp memories, and we’re known to hold a grudge from time to time. Just ask the city of Cleveland. Have no fear — Jagoff Sports has you covered with some quick and simple gifts for every Pittsburgher.

Here are ten perfect gift ideas for the Yinzer in your life:

A Candle That Smells Like Pittsburgh

Maybe your friend no longer lives in the 412, and they’re missing that old familiar smell of sitting in tunnel traffic? Homesick Scented Candles are a great way to give the gift of nostalgia this Christmas by providing the more pleasant aromas of the 412. Delivered for $26.95 it seems a bit pricey for a candle, but with a description of “industrial steel, fireplace smoke and pierogies” it might be worth it.

The Unofficial Duck Hodges I.C. Light T Shirt

Show that special yinzer in your life that you’re hip to current events with this fabulous I.C. Light Duck shirt by Iron City Brewery. As Devlin “Duck” Hodges continues to pile up the wins for the Steelers you really can’t lose with this shirt. I’d be satisfied receiving any shirt on the Iron City website from the looks of it, so maybe browse around a bit. The brand recently embraced their retro looks and started airing old school commercials which has the whole city fired up. Shirts are priced between $21-$26.

A Mug for Jagoffs

Pittsburgh Pottery has a lot more to offer than just mugs calling people jagoffs, but I hope this piece ends up in my stocking this year. For those of you not buying gifts for jagoffs, I advise looking into their large selection of pottery which includes Pittsburgh themed magnets, shot glasses and even spoon rests for the civilized cooks reading along. Prices vary.

Basket of Pittsburgh

Since 1984, Basket of Pittsburgh had been assembling the greatest treats and trinkets found around town. These “one of a kind” baskets are perfect for locals who know a thing or two about the finer products offered in the region. I ended up browsing the site for close to an hour, digging through the categories they offer, and I hadn’t even made it to the custom gift boxes section yet. The range of assortments this site offers means you can put together a great gift for anyone. Prices vary.

Anything from Love Pittsburgh Shop

If Baskets of Pittsburgh are a classic, blue-collar Christmas gift for the older relative, then the gift boxes from Love Pittsburgh Shop are a modern, chic assortment of gifts for the young professional crowd. A quick gander of their website, and you’ll quickly realize that Love Pittsburgh is sourcing from some of the newest and coolest local brand names in town. How easy will gift giving be for you? Prices vary.

Shop FourOneTwo Blanket

I’ve seen the now famous FourOneTwo t-shirts and hats all over town. But nothing compares to when you see them outside of town. It’s like some special code symbol that only yinzers know about, and I’ve approached plenty of people in airports to acknowledge that I too, am from the four one two.

Well Shop FourOneTwo has something special for you this holiday season, and although people in airports likely won’t ever see it, the king-sized heavyweight blanket will look fantastic in any bedroom. Blankets priced at $100.

Primanti Bros. Gift Card

Gift cards have long gotten a bad rap for being a lazy gift. I think Christmas 2019 is finally the year that we just own it. Fuck it, here’s a gift card. And you know what? If someone popped one of those sweet Primanti Brothers Gift Cards into an envelope for me this holiday season, I wouldn’t even care that they forgot to buy me a Hallmark card to stuff it in. Prices depend on how much you like the person.

Pitt Basketball Tickets

What holiday season would be complete without having to buy a gift for someone you don’t even like? That’s where Pitt Basketball tickets come in handy! Okay, I’m kidding (kind of). Although the men’s basketball team has been tough to watch during the past couple of seasons, The Peterson Events center is a fantastic spot to watch a game. I don’t know what the hell happened to this program, but losses to teams like Stony Brook and Duquesne make tickets a cheap gift. Prices start at $25 online.

Tour The Clemente Museum

Sometimes you get one of those gifts where it’s actually a gift for you as much as the person you bought it for. Well, buying tickets to tour The Clemente Museum is one of those gifts. The museum itself has some cool history, but the real cool part is the winery they keep hidden in the basement. Sneak your way down there after the tour, and get yourself some barrel-aged red wine. And since you bought the tickets — first round is on someone else! Prices range from $10-$25.

Animated Toys for Your Smart Phone

This is the perfect gift for the kids this year. Toaster Pets is a Pittsburgh based company that gives children full control over animated pets using a smart phone and augmented reality (AR). This isn’t some cheap, stop-motion toy set like the kids in Cleveland are playing with. Toaster Pets has some seriously powerful technology behind it built by some of the brightest minds in Pittsburgh. The only limit is your child’s imagination. Price for the starter kit is $49.99.

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