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Terry Bradshaw's Daughters Use His Likeness To Become Relevant

Oh boy, Ole Terry is at it again! Terry Bradshaw is returning to television in his own reality TV series with the most original name possible... The Bradshaw Bunch... I wonder what over payed executive came up with that one. Anyway, the show follows Bradshaw and his up hill battle of life living with 4 women.

His 3 daughters supposedly help him and his wife Tammy run their ranch in Oklahoma. Speaking of Terry's wife, the girls say that they are thankful she's around but she may ultimately kill their Dad by giving him a heart attack because they're constantly pranking each other. I'm all in on some family hi jinx, but I wouldn't want to see Terry go out like this, on a show his daughters probably pushed him to do to help them gain more of a social following for themselves.

From watching the trailer for this show, I think we are in for something similar to Very Cavilari, we come for the beautiful, dim witted women and stay for the retired quarterback antics

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