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The Coolest House in Pittsburgh Just Hit The Market in Plum Borough

Updated: May 29, 2020

From the outside, 480 Rainier Drive might not look like all that much, but once you step inside, it's like you've crossed into a scene from Zardoz (space-themed and kind of confusing). Have you ever wanted bunk beds on the beach? How about a bathroom in the middle of the rain forrest?

Look no further, because this house has all that and more. In the words of Jagoff Sports podcaster Eli Krebs, "Yo that's a steal for $160k".

Gathering friends in your black and yellow man cave for the Steeler game is a thing of the past. In this house, you can gather your buddies to smoke a couple joints and launch the whole house into orbit from your man cave control center! complete with "Computer & Controls from an Apache Helicopter, Speakers & a 55 Inch Screen."

And if the view from the control center isn't quite your speed, you can climb the spiral staircase to one of the balconies where there's full view of the entire solar system. According to the listing "A Talking Space Alien greets you as you walk toward the Floor to Ceiling, Outer Space Wall Mural."

Who owned this house, and how can I meet them?

I don't know how many Jagoff readers are in the market for a home, but this one makes perfect sense to me. I might put in an offer now. See the full listing here.


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