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The Duquesne Cheerleaders Are Hotter Than The Pitt Cheerleaders and It's Not Even Close

Updated: May 29, 2020

Have you ever seen the movie Bring It On? It's an awful movie, but with the current lack of live sports we can only hope to recreate some sort of cheerleading feud right here in Pittsburgh and I have the perfect match to start the fire.

The Pitt cheerleading team is rough on the eyes. I don't want to single out any one person specifically because that would be mean, so let's just lump them all together. I don't know if they didn't know it was picture day when they all had their headshots taken, or if the lighting was wrong, but someone needs to fire the photographer that made this happen.

No wonder Pitt can't seem to recruit good athletes. Maybe they let their standards of who's allowed to cheer for the team sink so low, that it's scaring the 4 and 5 star talent. They take one look at the knuckle-dragging swamp beasts on the sideline, and nope the fuck out.

Now let's consider the squad cheering for the Duquesne Dukes. These girls (and maybe a couple guys?) are the underdogs. Maybe they didn't quite make it to the "big leagues", if that's what you want to call cheering in front of 15,000 fans at Heinz Field, but they're still out there giving it 110% of their effort for the empty seats at Rooney Field up on the Hill.

Could it be that the Duquesne squad is used to partying in South Side, where you're more likely to encounter professional athletes or movie stars? I don't know the last time anyone famous was spotted at G-Door in Oakland, but I'm sure the Pitt cheerleaders wouldn't bother putting heels on show up for it anyway.

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