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The Hottest Females in Golf 2020

Updated: May 29, 2020

For most of us, golf is a chance to get away from the women in our lives and down some cold ones with our buddies while maintaining a moniker of sportsmanship. However, nothing straightens my hook more than seeing a hot chick on the golf course pull out a driver and stripe one down the middle.

Being an avid fan of the game has blessed me with an excuse to follow sexy women on instagram, and so long as they post a bunker shot every once in a while my girlfriend can't get too upset when I'm inspecting their social media profiles. I'm only in it to watch their swing after all.

So for all you students on the game, Ol' Bobby Back-Nine has compiled a list of the women in the game that you wouldn't mind having in your foursome.

*Note: For this year's list I am including a few women who aren't active anymore, but moving forward (if this website survives) I might update the list to only include active players.

Cheyenne Woods

Cheyenne Woods is the niece of golf legend Tiger Woods, and I wouldn't be mad if Tiger's promiscuity ran in the family. Cheyenne brings the kind of ethnic ambiguity to the golf course that's right up my alley when it comes to women. She reminds me of a girl I got to third base with in college except the girl from college was ugly and probably sucked at golf and Woods is a solid 7.8. So which Woods golfer would you rather play with? I know my answer.

Actual Golf Stuff:

Woods spent most of 2019 right on the qualifying line for the LPGA Tour, having made her best finish T31st at the Indy Women in Tech Championship.. “This is my fifth year out here and I feel like I’ve plateaued a bit,” Woods told some sports outlet that I didn't look up. “I haven’t played up to my potential. I love it and I just want to play the best I can.”

So far in 2020 she's missed the cut in both of her LPGA tournament appearances, but I'm seriously cheering for her to stick around. How could you not?

Tisha Alyn Abrea

Tisha Alyn used to be a beauty pageant contestant in the Philippines, and you can see how. She's a drop-dead stunner and her personality is fun and friendly to boot. See her pictured in the "Make Golf Great Again" hat? I'd leave my girlfriend in 14 seconds if I had a chance to even wipe the grass off her pitching wedge during a practice round.

Unfortunately for us horny male golf fans, Tisha came out of the closet in June of last year. Fortunately for every woman on earth though, the L's in LGBT just added a rocketship to their roster. I wonder if I can transition and play on the women's tour next year?

Actual Golf Stuff:

Tisha used to golf competitively, but now spends her energy on the promotional side as an IG influencer/hottie/golfer chick. She's worth the follow for her dancing and trick shots alone. As a junior at Cal State she was all first team All-Big West Conference.

She also became the first Titans golfer ever to shoot a round of 69 and remains the first golfter to shoot two rounds of 69 in the same tournament, doing so in the first and third rounds at the Price's Give 'Em Five Intercollegiate. Nice.

Paige Spiranac

I'd be remiss not to include the most famous golfer babe known to the modern Instagram era. In 2015, a Total Frat Move article encouraging people to check Spiranac out online, resulted in her Instagram following jumping from under 10,000 to over 100,000 in just two days.

There was no stopping the endorsements and attention from that point on. Some people criticize Paige for sexualizing the game which is absolutely absurd in my opinion. If Bobby Back-Nine ran the world of golf etiquette, there would be girls like Spiranac on every green helping guys mark their balls and line up their putts.

Actual Golf Stuff:

Okay so Paige isn't lighting up the golf course with her ability to make greens in regulation. She's earned something like $25,000 in prize money throughout her career, and I'm confident that we're not going to see her on the LPGA anytime ever.

Holly Sonders

To be honest I hesitated to add Holly Sonders to this list. She was one of the hottest golfer babes of all time back in 2007 when she was playing with Michigan State, but now she's had so much plastic surgery that you can't even consider her the same person. I guess some fellas find her style attractive, but in my opinion you'd get less rubber rash sticking your dink inside a sex doll.

Actual Golf Stuff:

Holly won two American Junior Golf Association tournaments, reached the round of 16 at the 2007 Women's Western Amateur and helped Michigan State win the 2007 Big Ten Championship. Nowadays, you can find her on FOX sports covering The PGA Tour.

Gaby Lopez

What do you get when you mix an up-and-coming golf star with a little Latina heat? Gaby Lopez.

Of all the hotties I put on this list so far, Lopez is one of the more talented at the actual game of golf. That's probably why there's a lot less photos floating around of her flaunting her assets in skimpy outfits online. Something tells me there's a direct correlation there? Anyway, I'm a simple man. If a chick is good at golf, she instantly jumps 2.3 points on the Back-Nine hotness scale.

Actual Golf Stuff:

Lopez made the cut in 3 out of the 5 women's majors in 2019, finishing T30th in the U.S. Women's Open. She's currently ranked 42nd overall on the Rolex Rankings for women's golf.

Muni (Lily) He

Lord Almighty, I forgot this was a sports blog while I was uploading these pictures. There's hot, and then there's Muni He unfair hot. Do you know how sometimes you get nervous when you're teeing off on number one because there's a group of people standing around watching? Now imagine it's this little Chinese firecracker, who also just happened to belt one out into the fairway. I don't know if I'd piss myself, or cream myself, or both.

I know you want to see her Instagram: Here You Go.

Actual Golf Stuff:

Despite only banking roughly $30k in her rookie season on the LPGA, he dominated the Q-Series late in 2019 which is practically a play-in mini tour for LPGA Tour cards. That takes a lot of pressure off her heading into 2020, where I expect she will continue to improve. Her current world ranking is 369. Please stay on tour.

Nelly Korda

You might have heard the name Korda before. Nelly's father, Petr Korda won a grand slam in tennis back in 1998. This girl has pedigree, and she gives off major Hayden Panettiere vibes. It's something about those blue eyes and that blonde hair -- when she has it tied back and tucked into her golf visor, you know she means business.

I've been applying to caddy in the LPGA for 12 years now, but they tell me "being able to keep 15 beers ice cold throughout a round" isn't a skill they're looking for at the moment. Regardless, I'd love to be on the green helping Korda line up a putt.

Actual Golf Stuff: Nelly Korda is ranked second in the world. So in addition to her looks, she'll kick your ass at golf. Is there a more American sport in the world? Seriously, a 21 year old hot chick could kick most of our asses at golf -- talk about equality. Korda was fifth on the total money list in 2019, raking in over $1.6mm for the year.

Lexi Thompson

As someone who has been studying the type of female physique required to add power to your stroke, I can attest that Lexi Thompson has the legs and glutes to really play the long game. Standing at 6' she's hard to miss, and harder to look away from once you catch a glimpse.

Thompson was the youngest player at the time to ever make the cut for the U.S. Women's Open back in 2007 when she was only 12 years old, and boy am I happy she's grown into such a stunning young woman.

Actual Golf Stuff: Thompson is currently ranked 10th amongst female golfers and has banked over $10mm on the LPGA Tour since joining in 2012. She won a major in 2014, and is always in contention to win another one.

So what do you think? I'm sure I missed 15-20 golf babes that should have made this list, but I like leaving room for the list to grow and adapt. The real question is, are you going to be watching the LPGA this year?


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