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The Hottest News Anchors in Pittsburgh

Updated: May 29, 2020

The president is getting impeached, another shooting in Wilkinsburg, Mayor Peduto is swapping out parking spots for more bike lanes — who gives a shit? If you watched the news every day and took everything they said seriously you’d think the entire planet was on fire. Luckily for us, there’s enough hard-hitting journalist eye candy to figuratively set our world on fire every day.

We’ve done extensive research to bring you the hottest news anchors and reporters from the three major news studios in Pittsburgh. Here is your all-star cast for 2020.


Heather Abraham

Hot mom check in. Heather Abraham is a total smoke show that gives off major 1993 Topanga vibes. Fun fact, Topenga’s parents moved to Pittsburgh in Boy Meets World. Coincidence?

I don’t know how she does it, but she’s in tip-top shape like 3 days after having a kid every time. I’m usually not a huge fan of the short haircut, but she’s working it something serious, reminding me of Scarlett Johansson.

Celina Pompeani

Talk about a pedigree! Daughter of Pittsburgh news legend Bob Pompeani, Celina Pompeani has lit up KDKA’s newsroom, and there’s no complaints of nepotism here. Celina’s bubbly personality is what makes her such a rocket. I swear this girl would have fun filing your taxes with you. Catch her as the Pittsburgh Penguins in-arena host or reporting on traffic from the KDKA newsroom.

Amy Wadas

Amy Wadas is a stunner, and an S-tier journalist who’s not afraid to go boots-on-the-ground mode, which makes her that much hotter. I hope I never make the news because Wadas would probably show up and it would ruin my day. She gets a pass for being a Penn State Alumn from us because she’s out there actually covering news and interacting with real yinzers unlike a lot journalists today.


Note: WTAE could be a model agency. I’m not even sure how you can focus on the news with the lineup they have. Someone give their staffing department a raise.

Cam Tran

The weather in Pittsburgh is boring. There’s a 90% chance it’s going to be shitty outside today. But when you have the likes of Cam Tran telling you it’s 12 degrees, something just feels so warm about it. She used to be the weather reporter in Honolulu, and I have no idea how she ended up in Pittsburgh, but I’m glad she did. Blizzard in late April? Whatever you say Cam, it’s hot in here right now.

Kelly Sasso

Are you doing anything during lunch? If not, then turn on channel 4 at noon to catch Kelly Sasso tell us what’s going on in Pittsburgh. How couldn’t you? I’m jealous of the cameraman who works in WTAE’s newsroom, that guy has a dream job.

Elena Laquatra

Did you think I was exaggerating when I said the WTAE newsroom is like a modeling agency? WTAE must have known there was serious competition with the other networks so they went out and got themselves Miss Pennsylvania just to be certain. Elena Laquatra scores extra points for being a big time homer too, having graduated from Mt. Lebanon high school.

I wonder if she’s a Jagoff Sports fan?


Amy Hudak

Amy Hudak is another Nittany Lion that gets a pass from us because she’s basically a goddess. Not only do her looks speak for themself, but she was a pre-med major in undergrad before realizing her passion for news work. A total smokeshow and she’s smart? Sign me up please.

Liz Kilmer

Every guy (and some girls) reading this is seriously disappointed that I included the wedding photo because that means Liz Kilmer is unavailable. That doesn’t mean you can’t catch the fireworks when this stick of dynamite is tearing up the news cycles from the WPXI newsroom and on the scene around town. Kilmer and the rest of these hotties have me reconsidering how much news I watch.

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