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The Hottest News Anchors in Pittsburgh (2023)

Somehow this mid-tier sports blog, sitting dormant since 2020, still gets 600 hits a month. How? Because we've managed to get the top search result when someone googles "hot news anchor pittsburgh".

It would be foolish not to go back to the well and write the same article again, and frankly there's been enough personnel changes that an update is warranted. So without further adieu, here is the update everyone has been waiting for...

See the 2020 version here.


Jessica Guay

¡Ay, caramba! Did I mention team KDKA is a new power house in town? Jessica Guay makes the list for the first time, but she's already a star in our hearts. I used to spend Saturday mornings experiencing nature, caring for my children and being a productive member of my neighborhood, but since Jessica became the weekend anchor on channel 2 I'm usually just glued to the television ignoring the world around me.

Heather Abraham (2x Hottest News Anchors)

Three years ago I described Heather as "a total smoke show that gives off major 1993 Topanga vibes", and I'll be damned if I didn't hit the nail on the head with that description. I can see myself updating this list in another 15 years and including Heather Abraham as the first induction into the Hot Pittsburgh News Anchors Hall of Fame. She will be first ballot, no questions asked.

Mary Ours

The moment I mentioned updating the news anchor blog, one name was suggested over and over again, and it's obvious why. Hailing from Beaver Falls, Mary Ours could tell me it's going to snow on the 4th of July and hurricane on Christmas and I'd still be optimistic. The only thing more consistent than cloud coverage in Pittsburgh is her commitment to wearing stiletto heels during the weather report. Even her name is perfect for Pittsburgh – Mary Ahhrs. Please never leave us Mary.

Daisy Jade

When I think of Daisy Jade I think of style, flavor and fun. This chick is all over the place – hosting and producing Fan N'ATion, reporting on Pittsburgh Today Live and practically running shit at KDKA+ in her free time. She's got the dream job of reporting on all the cool things happening in town which is such a nice changeup from other reporters talking about politics and traffic jams, plus she's an absolute rocket ship.

Erica Mokay

How the hell does anyone actually pay attention to the news in this town?! Lord have mercy. Nicknamed "The Belle of Belle Vernon" (by me), Erica Mokay is the morning anchor on KDKA. And the next time you catch the morning news – try this. Mute the sound and just try lip reading what Erica is saying. It will make your news watching experience ten times better.


Jillian Hartmann

Jillian Hartmann must have joined WPXI just after the 2020 article was published because how could I miss this? The Wexford native brings a huge boost to the team over on channel 11, and it's not hard to see why. Jillian owns at least 4 different bathing suits, which is convenient for her because she's clearly an avid swimmer.

Jessica Faith Pearson

This one is a bit controversial, but not because Jessica Pearson isn't a 10 out of 10. She's a drop-dead stunner. The problem is that Pearson moved on from WPXI in April to find greener pastures at a news channel in Washington D.C.. However, because this list technically covers 2023, I think she deserves the spot. Are we pissed she's gone? Of course, I'm not expecting channel 11 to find similar talent in free agency any time soon.

Antoinette "Annie" DelBel

Antionette DelBel might be the newest addition to Pittsburgh news across all channels. Joining WPXI in May of 2023, she admits that she's a Buffalo Bills fan which takes some points away, but not so many that we couldn't post pictures of her in a crop top holding her Yorkie. Now who's going to step up and replace that Yorkie?


Emily Giangreco

Non andartene, non lasciare, l’eclisse di te nella mia stanza. Chi ti cerca è il sole, non ha pietà della tua assenza il sole, ti trova anche nei luoghi casuali dove sei passata, nei posti che hai lasciato e in quelli dove sei inavvertitamente andata brucia ed equipara al nulla tutta quanta la tua fervida giornata. Eppure è stata, è stata, nessuna ora sua è vanificata.

Kalea Gunderson

If you look up the word "My Type" in the dictionary, there's a picture of Kalea Gunderson. KG sits somewhere between girl-next-door charm, and celebrity crush. There are quite a bit of Mountaineers on this list, which makes me suspicious of Pittsburgh media in general. Where are all the Pitt and Duquesne girls? With Kealea however, her looks are as captivating as the rolling hills of West Virginia, where the mountains themselves would blush in admiration if they could see her.

Lily Coleman

I'm sorry, but what exactly is going on with WTAE? Are they running a news channel or a modeling agency? Before Lily Coleman came along there was almost nothing noteworthy about Johnstown. People mention some flood that happened like 200 years ago? One time a co-worker of mine tried to convince me that a bunch of guys playing an annual basketball tournament in a barn was something "worthwhile to check out". Clearly Lily has broken the trend, and we will be closely monitoring her growth here in the big city.

Kelly Sasso (2x Hottest News Anchors)

Damn you Kelly Sasso for not being more active on social media! We the people of western PA are curious about your beach vacations and leisurely time around the pool. Or perhaps you could post an occasional review of the LuLu yoga pants you wear to the gym? Actually, never mind. The best thing about Kelly is that she's an absolute professional through and through. Somebody needs to keep these WTAE ladies in check, and it doesn't matter what Kelly is wearing – she's even a 10 with a neck brace on!

Kasey Reigner

With a name like Kasey Reigner, I think weather forecasting in Pittsburgh is a perfect fit for our next radiant reporter. To be honest, I don't know shit about Kasey, but judging by her friends on that boat, I think she likes to party. So I wrote her this poem:

Her dance is the rain, falling free from the skies, As she whirls and she twirls, letting her spirit arise. She's a whirlwind of fun, a tempestuous spree, This girl and her desire, like a storm, sets her free.

Elena Laquatra (2x Hottest News Anchors)

I know you've been scrolling the entire article with her in mind. And yes, obviously I'm going to include the former Miss Pennsylvania. Unless this is your first time here, in which case, did you think I was exaggerating about WTAE being a modeling agency? There's not much I can write about Elena Laquatra that hasn't already been imagined by the masses of drooling yinzers pretending to keep up with the daily news, so I'll let the photos speak for themself.

Janelle Hall

If there's one word to describe Janelle Hall it's CLASS. Janelle has a smile that could light up the backroom at Jack's Bar in South Side at 2:30am, and she would never be caught dead at that place because she's a fucking role model citizen. If Janelle Hall ran for mayor of Pittsburgh and told me I had to shovel snow with a shot glass I'd vote for her twice just to see that face light up. Janelle Hall in city hall has a nice ring to it, eh?

Tori Yorgey

Tori is hot for obvious reasons seen above, but also because she's dedicated to the craft of news reporting. What do I mean? The girl was hit by a car, LIVE ON AIR, and still finished her broadcast to let us know that road conditions were a bit slick. Even though she's from Philadelphia I swear you hear the Pittsburgh accent come out during the incident.

See the replay of it:

This concludes the 2023 rendition of The Hottest News Anchors in Pittsburgh. This time around was much more in-depth, including 16 talented young women who help us Pittsburghers stay informed and up-to-date on all the traffic, weather, crime and hooplah that happens in our neighborhoods.

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