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The Pony Fade — How Devin Bush Is Defining Style With His Unique Haircut

Updated: May 29, 2020

We’ve seen legendary haircuts in Pittsburgh sports before. Jaromir Jagr’s famous 90’s mullet comes to mind, and who could forget Antonio Brown’s “blockhead” style haircut he debuted in 2015?

Devin Bush is the latest of Pittsburgh athletes to make waves with a unique hairstyle, dawning what he calls the “Pony Fade”. The name comes courtesy of Bush’s teammate and fellow inside linebacker Vince Williams (who unofficially changed his name to Bince, and thus was the only “killer B” left in 2019).

Bush is known for making statements with his swag, having made headlines with his white and black suit he wore on NFL draft night. The suit received mixed reviews from critics, but any doubters clearly don’t understand that the man is a pioneer in bold athletic fashion statements.

And if you have any doubt left, then you’re a fool. The man in white and black backed up his bold style with a bold stat line this season. The blooming rookie posted 109 total tackles, 1 forced fumble, 4 fumble recoveries and a TD over 16 games.

As far as the hairstyle goes, “The Pony Fade” is making waves in Miami for Superbowl week. Bush joined the ThomaHawk podcast hosted by Andrew Hawkins and Joe Thomas on Friday. He was sporting the same massive sunglasses from draft night, along with the now patented Pony Fade.

Steelers legend (and soon to be Hall of Famer) Troy Polamalu was defined by his hair, and we still see the former safety in commercials now for Head and Shoulders. Devin Bush is up next, and we hope he keeps the Pony Fade going because it’s amazing. Imagine the commercials that Bush could be in decades from now.

We’ve seen Yinzers rocking mullets that could be considered something in the same family as the Pony Fade, but it’s usually on accident. Jagoff Sports is expecting that the hairstyle will catch fire with fans as Bush heads into his sophomore season with the Steelers — much as we expect Bush’s play on the field to do the same.

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