The Summer of The PLL

No, not Pretty Little Liars. That show stinks. This is the summer of The Premier Lacrosse League!

For those unfamiliar with what the PLL is, it's a Lacrosse league that was founded by players and individuals who just flat out love Lacrosse. Brothers Mike and Paul Rabil founded the league in October of 2018. It is a direct competitor with the MLL (Major League Lacrosse), but it is an athlete-friendly league. What does that mean?

After a little Wikipedia research, I found that the league gives players full coverage of healthcare and gives them equity in the league. Sure that's nice and all, but what really sets them apart? Well, Paul Rabil noticed that the biggest athlete in the world, LeBron James, has literally no footage of himself playing in the NBA on his social media. Why?

Because that is property of the NBA. The PLL open sources its content to players to help them build their individual brands. PLL is built by the players for the players.

2020 has been plagued (literally) by every worst-case scenario possible. When sports seasons were falling left and right due to COVID-19, the PLL was the first league to have a plan on how they would be able to have a "season" this summer. I put that in quotes because it is a little different than usual this summer for the League.

Instead of a full season, the League will be competing in what they are calling the "Championship Series"; 16 games in 20 days to crown 1 champion. It's sports fan's dream scenario (especially considering the circumstances). All 7 teams will compete in a 14 game, group play format to determine seeding for tournament play.

For those of you reading this saying, "Why would I watch Lacrosse?," well, here is a recap of the incredible talent you can expect to see on the turf this summer in Utah: