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The Top 5 (Current) Sports Announcers in Pittsburgh

In a town with a rich history in sports such as Pittsburgh, you have had a fair share of great sports announcers calling the action. Bob Prince, Mike Lange, Myron Cope, Lanny Frattare just to name a few.

But who are the current top sports announcers in Pittsburgh sports? Jagoff Sports breaks down who reigns supreme amongst announcers in Steel City. I will be excluding radio personalities from this list – I’ll get to them later. 

Just missed the cut: Richie Walsh, Josh Getzoff, Joe Block, Phil Bourque, Hannah Mears

5. Guy Junker

Stan. Guy. Love the Show. Guy Junker will forever be cemented in Pittsburgh sports history for the widely popular SportsBeat that was hosted by himself and the late Stan Stavran . For over 15 years, Stan & Guy revolutionized sports talk in Pittsburgh. After recently retiring from WTAE-TV, Guy is still making his mark on the scene. Recently, he has been the public address announcer at Pirates games. Though his career winding down, Guy cracks the list for his impact on Pittsburgh sports.

4. Josh Taylor

The grinder. This might be a surprising choice for some with the names that just missed the cut, but Josh Taylor has earned his place amongst the top sports announcers in Pittsburgh. A hometown kid who graduated from Duquesne University, Josh grinded his way through the industry, making stops in places like Arkansas.

Returning to Pittsburgh in the mid-2010’s to work for KDKA, Josh has gained a following from his energetic and engaging style of commentary. When he is not on air at KDKA, Josh can be heard covering Duquesne sports like basketball, calling WPIAL football games and even on 93.7 The Fan. A true grinder. 

3. Greg Brown

Raise the Jolly Roger! Greg Brown is the voice of Pittsburgh Pirates for everyone under the age of 35 in Pittsburgh. Brown started calling games for then Pirate's AAA affiliate Buffalo Bisons as well as calling Buffalo Bills games, which included multiple Super Bowls and the Bills epic playoff comeback in the 1992 playoffs.

After Lanny Frattare retired after the 2008 season, Greg took the reigns as the lead voice of the Pirates and hasn’t looked back – becoming one of the most beloved announcers in Pittsburgh sports history. 

2. Bill Hillgrove

The legend. Bill Hillgrove has been a center point in Pittsburgh sports before most of us were even thought of. Bill has been calling Pitt basketball games over 50 years and Pitt football for nearly as long.

In 1994 after being courted by Dan Rooney, Bill was named the play-by-play announcer for the Steelers after Jack Fleming retired. Bill also spent time with WTAE in the 70’s and 80’s. Though his time announcing is headed into the twilight years, Bill will forever be the voice of college and pro football for many of us in Pittsburgh. 

1. Bob Pompeani

The GOAT. The Gold Standard. Bob Pompeani has been the benchmark in Pittsburgh sports announcing for over 40 years. When you ask someone to name a sports anchor in Pittsburgh, the first name they usually rattle off is Pomp. Starting out with KDKA in 1982, the business has changed around him but Pomp has evolved with the times. He’s even on Tiktok.

Even though he has evolved with the times, Pomp has always stayed true to what got him here. His professionalism, insightful commentary and ability to connect with viewers has made him one of the most trusted voices in Pittsburgh sports, whether that be doing the nightly sports, calling Steelers preseason games on 93.7 the Fan, or doing the Nightly Sports Call. Pomp has endeared himself to Pittsburgh sports fans young and old, that’s why he’s the goat.

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