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The Ultimate Guide To Ordering Local Food Online During A Pandemic

Updated: May 29, 2020

We're living in strange times. Allegheny County is in full shut-down mode. I don't know how the spread of coronavirus is going to play out, and I'm tired of racking my brain to imagine the different scenarios. One thing I'm definitely concerned about is the impact this shut-down will have on local businesses.

So I'm pivoting from sports, and writing about something I think is more important.

Servers, bartenders, barbers, clerks, baristas, cooks and a million other people rely on the revolving door of customers to keep their establishments afloat. For the sake of encouraging people to continue supporting their local businesses, even in these most uncertain of times, I reached out to a couple of my favorite food bloggers to compile a list of the best spots in town for ordering take-out.

Sophia is a must-follow if you're an asian food fanatic. She stays posting amazing looking Banh Mi, Korean fried chicken, and Pho, plus she sprinkles in the occasional post about munching on the best fast-food spots around the nation. Today though, we're keeping it strictly local. Here are her suggestions:

Everyday Noodles in Squirrel Hill

Soph's Suggestion: Soup Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao)

Bae Bae’s Kitchen in Downtown

Soph's Suggestion: Bulgogi (Korean Stir Fry Beef)

Banh Mi and Ti in Lawrenceville

Soph's Suggestion: Any of the Banh Mi's and the lychee green tea with lychee jelly and boba.

Dancing Crab Noodle House in Southside

Soph's Suggestion: Drunken Noodles

Chengdu Gourmet in Squirrel Hill

Soph's Suggestion: Chongqing Chicken, Spicy Fish Fillet in Broth

Sichuan Gourmet in Squirrel Hill

Soph's Suggestion: Mapo Tofu

Get yourself a man that looks at you the same way icecreamdave looks at ice cream. If I could only use one word to describe the content Dave puts out, I would have to say consistent. The man loves ice cream, and he might have tried everything the city has to offer. But Dave is here to show he's not just a one trick pony. Here's what he's got for best food spots to help you beat quarantine madness:

Pizza Milano in Multiple Locations

Dave's Suggestion: They have Amazing pizza and wings and a buffalo chicken sandwich every former Duquesne student knows about. I like to order a pepperoni pizza but with the buffalo sauce instead of the red. It’s a spicy variation I cant get enough of.

Ya Fei in Robinson

Order Online Here or Call (412) 788-9388

Dave's Suggestion: My family and I will often get 2-3 dishes delivered to share. My favorite dish has to be their cashew chicken. It’s the first cashew chicken I had ever had and I haven’t found one I like better.

Carmi in Southside

Dave's Suggestion: I know it sounds pretty basic for a soul food restaurant but their fried chicken is incredible. If you’re a little more adventurous their fried catfish is my favorite thing on the menu.

Millie's in Shadyside

Dave's Suggestion: I wouldn’t be doing myself any justice if I didn’t have an ice cream on the list. Millie’s is one of my favorites in the city. They have some adventurous flavors but I tend to stick to the Mint Chip when I can get it! One could never go wrong with staple flavors like “Chad’s Vanilla” and their “The Best Chocolate” might actually be the best chocolate ice cream.

UPDATED Tuesday, March 17th: Millie's is closing in-shop , but they are bringing back their delivery truck that will drop off boxes of ice cream right to your front door.

Above Average Foodie might not have the same following as the other food bloggers here, but she's always posting the best food in major cities. From New York to Chicago, you know big towns like that have perfected everyone's favorite dishes, so AAF knows how things stack up in Pittsburgh. Here are her suggestions to help you weather the storm:

Pie Express in Oakland

Order Here on GrubHub or call (412) 226-9021

AAF's Suggestion: I always get a half buffalo ranch half veggie supreme pizza but they have so many options anyone can find a pizza they’d enjoy — or create it themselves.

Spice Island Tea House in Oakland

Order Here on Happy Bellies (No Sign-Up Required)

AAF's Suggestion: I always get the Java Fried Rice and Thai Iced Tea without fail, but they have a huge menu of fried rice and noodle dishes.

The Yard in Shadyside

AAF's Suggestion: If you haven’t tried their fried green tomato grilled cheese yet, now is the time!


Okay, so I'm not a "foodie" like the others on this list, but I love food, so that must count for something, right? Here are my suggestions based on the fact that I love these places and their owners and want to see them make it through the rocky times.

UPDATED Tuesday, March 17th: Unfortunately Red's Good News won't be open during the shutdown.

Red's Good News In Brookline (Open Thu-Sun)

Call (412) 207-2212

My Suggestion: You can't go wrong with anything on the menu, but my baby is the Fat Boy's Breakfast Sandwich. I feel like they named it after me.

Friendship Perk & Brew in Friendship

My Suggestion: Candied Chipotle BLT. Who doesn't love the simplicity of a solid BLT? It's that, just better.

If you have more suggestions for great local places to order delivery from during this quarantine, please reach out to or shoot us a tweet.

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