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There's Only One Broadway Joe and That's Joe From Beaver Falls

Updated: May 29, 2020

The Jets signed Joe Flacco to a 1 year deal. Typically, this wouldn’t really be news to me, but then I saw this tweet:

As a fellow Beaver Countian, I can’t let Joe Namath be compared to a stooge like Flacco.

Broadway Joe was big time before he even went to the Jets. This guy ran the streets of downtown Beaver Falls from the time he was a child until he left town to play Big Boy, D1 Ball at 'Bama under the legend Bear Bryant. Where’d Flakey Flacco play ball? Delaware...Are they even D1-AA?

Sure, Flacco may have the same amount of Super Bowl rings as Namath, but the bottom line is he’ll never be able to get a chick like Raquel Welch:

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