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Vote For The Best Pizza Joint In Pittsburgh

Updated: May 29, 2020

Everything sucks right now, but at the very least we as a community can still come together and have petty arguments online about totally meaningless topics. Ask not what your city can do for you, but what you can do for your city – and right now your city is asking you to vote for the best pizza places in town.

Pittsburgh Clothing Co. is hosting the tournament via Twitter where you can vote and argue to your heart's desire about your favorite spot. As of Friday, some of the first round has already been completed, but you're not too late to get in on the action.

Sorrento's Shocks the World

Beto's was the #1 seed in the Franco division and their unique style of piling a bunch of cold cheese on top of a piping hot square of molten lava typically serves as a great defense against mouth burn. I expected them to make a run deep into the tournament, but #16 seed Sorrento's had other plans.

Some people on Twitter are calling foul play because the Barstool Sports account for Pitt hijacked the thread and pushed the lower seeded Sorrento's past Beto's.

What could this mean for the rest of the tournament? Look out for big moves from the other pizza joint in Oakland, the #12 seeded Antoon's, which has already upset the #5 seeded Frank's Pizzeria in the Sammartino division. Fiori's is the #1 seed in the same division, and Jagoff Sports is predicting an Antoon's vs. Fiori's face-off in the Sweet 16.

Vincent's Pizza Park Looking to Repeat

Everyone knows that it's almost impossible to repeat as a champion in anything. Very few teams ever make it into the legendary class of "Back-to-Back Champs". But one pizza spot in Pittsburgh is primed to join the ranks of Sidney Crosby, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods.

The Incline Pittsburgh (which someone told me is actually a Philly company, and should not be trusted) ran a pizza bracket similar to this one back in 2017. Vincent's Pizza Park made an impressive run, and took down Slice on Broadway and Fiori's back-to-back to win the crown.

Vincent's is starting their journey as the #1 seed in the Como division where they've already taken a commanding lead of Four Star Pizza. Only time will tell if Vincent's truly belongs amongst the legends of Pittsburgh.

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