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Yinz Know What People From The Northeast Call Pennsylvania?

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

For those that may not know, I am a native Pennsylvanian, but I currently live in New Jersey for work. I’ve lived here for about a year now and it was not until recently that I discovered what the northeastern states refer to Pennsylvania as. It came up in conversation while I was at work. It had been brought up that I’m originally from PA and a co-worker of mine said, “Oh yeah, Pennsyl-fuckin'-tucky.” Pardon? He explained to me that Pennsylvania is commonly referred to as Pennsyl-tucky by folks who live in the northeast. Apparently these uppities think that Pennsylvania is just 2 big cities (Pittsburgh and Philadelphia) and the rest is cousin-fuckin’ West Virginia-esque (no offense to West Virginia). They see us as a bunch of hillbillies living in the country side. Well, they couldn’t be more wrong, and I think the Quaker and Amish communities would be highly offended by this assumption. We Pennsylvanians are a distinguished group of individuals. We make sandwiches that have all of the nutrients and ingredients as an entire meal! We put steak on the finest loaves of bread and spread the richest of cheeses across them! We even brew some of the best lager in the nation and share it with the rest of the ungrateful states around us!

(We keep the good shit for ourselves, of course, i.e. Iron City and IC Light and IC Light Mango.)

And speaking of taking pride in our favorite golden refreshments, the northeast isn’t that much different than us over in the rust belt. Living in New Jersey, I’ve seen just as many small breweries here as I have in “Pennsyl-tucky.” What these Northeasterners don’t understand is that we actually have a lot in common. One of our favorite forms of touristy travel is one that can travel on the streets AND in a pond.

Of course we have the obvious which are our sports teams and their greatness. Take away the NBA, and the two “Pennsyl-tucky” cities have more championships than New England/Boston. The only Northeastern city we can’t talk shit to is New York, but they can’t even make up their minds on one damn team so they have to have 2 for every sport to spread out Daddy’s money and balance their insanity.

This rivalry between us and the Northeastern part of the country is one that will go on for centuries, and it’s not necessarily a territorial dispute. It’s more of an idealogical fight. You have us, who grind through the mud for everything we’ve earned, and you have them, who pay their way to the top. All I know is, I’d rather be from Pennsyl-fuckin'-tucky than New-Yankee-Fuckin'-Doodle-England.

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